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Shanon | ON | 2013-11-20

Gord | ON | 2013-11-20


Thanks for the great job you did servicing our black 2007 Mazda 6 last Wednesday. We did an 8 hour road-trip yesterday and the growling noise we were experiencing before you serviced the car has disappeared.


The car is running great! Thanks for working your magic on it!




Renee | ON | 2013-11-20

Hi Joe


I am so impressed with the level of customer service from you guys!! thank you.

Please forward this message to Drew – as it was an absolute pleasure to meet him as well; I look forward to my many many oil changes .. lol

Take care and have a great weekend.


Brad | ON | 2013-11-20

Hi Robert,
Just a quick note to share a positive review of one of your dealerships on our Facebook page.
Brad Anderson posted toNissan Canada

11 minutes ago

I normally do not post good or bad stories about vendors in general, so I hope you take this in context. 
Having said that, I am very impressed with the folks at Nissan of Muskoka. They truly made me feel I can trust them and have serviced me extremely well. I came to them with a terrible experience from another dealership and told them they would definitely have to come to the plate to regain any trust in car dealerships. 
I have to say…Great Job Drew, Jeff, and the gang at Nissan of Muskoka…You have earned my trust and loyalty. Something I thought no dealership would ever be able to do.


Feel free to extend to the team at Nissan of Muskoka with our congrats on a job well done.





Rich | ON | 2013-11-25

Good morning. Just Rich here. We are so loving the versa my wife has already named the Silver Bullet. Once again thank you so much for setting us up with a good vehicle. Had a question could pass it on to service department to answer about what temperature should I plug the block heater in I’ve never really been clear on it??? Thanks Cheers